ANZAC Day 2017

From 10am, Tuesday 25th April, 2017

Join us on ANZAC Day Tuesday the 25th of April, 2017 from 10am when we throw our doors open a little earlier to support our friends at Legacy.

Get into the spirit of Australia this ANZAC Day at Brisbane’s most iconic hotel. Put your luck to the test and win yourself some serious cash at Brisbane’s biggest two up ring before raising your beers to our diggers past and present.

Anzac Day 2017


50c from every beer sold will be donated to Brisbane Legacy House

ANZAC Day Events Two-up

A Short History on Two-Up: The ANZAC Day Tradition

The 25th of April marks Anzac Day, a time to remember and pay respects to those who fell or served in the First World War. We do so with dawn services, parades, The Ode, and of course, playing two-up.

Two-up originated in the UK in the 18th century, mostly popular with working class English and Irish citizens. The game was also popular among Australians during World War 1.

How to Play Two-Up:

  1. The game of two-up begins with a designated “Spinner”. The Spinner places two coins tail-side up on a wooden paddle, then throws the coins into the air. The coins must spin twice and be thrown at least two meters high.
  2. The “Caller” is the person who predicts whether the coins will land on heads or tails.
  3. Players then gamble the future of the coins, whether they are both heads known as OBVERSE, both tails known as REVERSE or one of each referred to as ODDS.

Two-up should be played with pennies, as that was the way it originated. The weight, size and design of the pennies is ideal for the game and the ultimate toss. The look and feel of the coin must be considered to get the “kip” and good spin in the air.

The early designs of pennies had the sovereign head on one side and writing on the reverse making the results very easy and quick to see. The use of pennies for this game on ANZAC day is vital; brought out specifically for this day each year. Come in spinner!

In recent years, the two-up has been made illegal outside of Anzac day celebrations at which point it may be played in remembrance and celebration of our diggers, past and present.

Anzac Day March Brisbane

Brisbane’s ANZAC Day March & Parade

Anzac day – 25th April – is one of Australia’s most significant and important national days. Anzac Day commemorates all Australian and New Zealand army corps who fought in the first World War.

A committee was formed in 1916 to arrange and carry out the celebration of ANZAC day as a gift for the fallen, wounded and to recognise the courage of the service men. This tradition is as important today as it was in 1916.

ANZAC Day Parade Start Times & Route

The 2017 Brisbane ANZAC Day Parade will commence at 10:00am Tuesday 25th April.

Brisbane’s Anzac Day parade will assemble on George street (near Charlotte street) in the CBD. The parage will proceed through to the Cultural centre in South Brisbane.

The parade will follow the dawn service, which is held at 4:28am sharp across Brisbane’s CBD and will be a moving demonstration of what Anzac day means to Australians. With a carefully curated local committee, Brisbane’s ANZAC Day parade is a great reflection of commemorating our past diggers as well as respecting the service men and women working today.

A range of community events are on offer around Brisbane following the ANZAC Day parade. You can spend the day with friends and family reflecting, or stick to tradition, visiting your favourite pub to play two up.

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