Four EOFY party ideas

Four EOFY party ideas

Okay, so Barb from accounting has spent the last four days bursting into tears whenever someone utters the word ‘budget,’ and you’re pretty sure Charlie from shipping has been squirrelling away extra pens to claim as tax deductions.  

That’s your cue to exit, stage right.

EOFY is here, and it’s time to ditch the white walls and fluorescent lights for the biggest shindig since that Christmas party we’re not allowed to talk about.

EOFY Event Ideas

Bowling and Beers

Nothing promotes team spirit like some especially hideous shoes! Oh, and bowling, we guess. Split the group into teams and prepare for cheers, jeers, and more than a few beers.

Shout the gang some classic bowling food – we’re talking chips, wings, and milkshakes – it’ll be right up their (bowling) alley.

EOFY Event Ideas

Rooftop Cocktails

Escape the office for a night on The Fox’s open-air rooftop and share a few cocktail jugs against a backdrop of city lights. Hey, it’s either that or spot your boss cranking out the nutbush on the dance floor – your call.

Up on Dandy’s, their EOFY function venue can cater for anything – whether you’re ‘I’ve only been eating office food’ starving or slamming back the cocktails before next month’s tax frenzy.

EOFY Event Ideas

Dinner and a Show

Sick of hearing about Gossip Girl in the office? Treat the team to a night of culture at QPAC. With tickets to a musical, play, concert or dance, your team bonding session is open-ended, leaving you the option to mosey into The Fox for dinner and drinks together afterwards.

EOFY Event Ideas

Award Night

Whether you’re proud of them for long hours of hard work or even just refraining to ‘reply all’ to every email, employees deserve occasional recognition. Set up an Awards Night in a nice dinner spot and hand out trophies throughout the night.

It’s a great chance to invite the team’s family and some clients to highlight the good work done over the past financial year.

Searching for an EOFY event venue? Book your June 30 celebrations at The Fox Hotel.


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9 Office Christmas Party Ideas for 2017

9 Office Christmas Party Ideas for 2017

T’was the night after the party, when all through the office. Not a creature was stirring, not even old Doris.

2017 is speeding by and December is creeping closer on the calendar, and that means one bright, shining thing: it’s time to start planning your office Christmas party for 2017.

Check out our top 5 ideas for your office Christmas party in Brisbane.

Office Christmas Party Venue

Office Christmas Party Idea 1: Rooftop Soiree

Looking to give the silly season a serious lift? How about raising the roof on your office Christmas party for 2017 with a summer themed soiree? So grab your most outrageous floral shirt and prepare for a proper queensland celebration complete with summery cocktails, and seafood canapes high above the rooftops. Bonus points if you can get your boss to do the limbo.

Office Christmas Function Venue

Office Christmas Party Idea 2: Private Dining

Can’t bear the thought of another party pie? Do mini quiches make you break out in a cold sweat? You should probably consider seeing a therapist – or you could ditch the boring Christmas party festivity and book yourself in for a feast-ivity instead! Just hire one of our unique private dining rooms and celebrate the silly season over a decadent three course meal.

Christmas Function Venue Brisbane

Office Christmas Party Idea 3: After work drinks

This year’s Christmas party budget tighter than a duck’s-you-know-what? We understand that there aren’t always the funds to make all of your Christmases come at once but at least you can still celebrate with some style at The Fox. Just reserve your favourite table by the bar, top up the tab and our friendly team will take care of the rest! Who said the spirit of Christmas had to come in shiny boxes?

Christmas Function Venue Brisbane

Office Christmas Party Idea 4: Gallery Showcase

With the calendar dwindling down, there’s never been a better time to reflect on the year that was than with a showcase of all the hard work you’ve put into it. Whether you’re an artist, a musician or an architect with a stunning portfolio, celebrate your success by throwing an exclusive Christmas party for clients and friends featuring your very best ideas. Talk about mixing business with pleasure.


Office Xmas Party Brisbane

Office Xmas Party Idea 5: Trivia with Taste

Planning a mid-week bash? Celebrate Xmas in the Long Bar on Wednesday nights from 7pm for a session of Trivia with Taste. Eat, drink, be merry, and be even merrier when your team scores the night’s foodie prize valued up to $1000. We suggest grabbing the connoisseurs in the office who like to step up their sandwich game with brioche buns or (heaven forbid) a quinoa salad.

Office Xmas party ideas Brisbane

Office Xmas Party Idea 6: Tiki Cocktail Party

OK, so the Christmas savings you were hoping for didn’t exactly pan out (Santa, you’re bleeding us dry), but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a tropical getaway! Take your holiday to Fox Island with a Tiki themed cocktail party on Dandy’s Rooftop. Whip out the long-forgotten Hawaiian shirt and hit the cocktail jugs and canapes before your Christmas gift to the rest of the office – a stint on the dance floor.

office Xmas party ideas

Office Xmas Party Idea 7: Christmas sweater contest 

We’ll make this one quick, ‘cause there’s no way we’re leaving sweaters on for long in December. But tradition is tradition, and ugly sweaters sit in the ‘practically mandatory’ category of Christmas garb. Buy a winner, pick out grandma’s gift sweater from 4 years ago, or (if you really want to one-up the competition) knit your own. Award prizes for best and worst design on the day and watch your coworkers become close-knit friends.

Office Xmas Lunch ideas

Office Xmas Party Idea 8: Long luncheon

It’s the age-old Christmas tradition – drink your fill by 3, be in bed by 7. Cut the work day short with a long luncheon at The Fox. There’s a veritable stocking full of spaces and menus for your long luncheon function (try saying that three times quickly), so check out The Fox’s function packages for more ideas. Rest assured – whether you pick platters, canapes, or a la carte menus, our Christmas miracle cocktail jugs are ready to fuel the office banter.

Office Christmas Party Ideas

Office Xmas Party Idea 9: Disposable cameras 

 Yes, there will be photo evidence, so yes, you will need to behave yourself under the mistletoe. Set everyone up with a disposable camera for the night and develop them all the week after, once the cumulative hangover drops off. It makes for a fun bonding activity and means you’ll have plenty of buddy pics to pin to the staff room corkboard. Watch the photos get blurrier as the timestamps get later.

Start Planning Your Office Xmas Party

Start planning your office Xmas party at one of Brisbane’s best function venues.

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Brisbane’s Best Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice – put The Fox Hotel at the top of your wish list this silly season.

With 8 versatile function spaces suitable for every taste and budget, we guarantee you’ll have yourself a merry little Xmas when you book your corporate Christmas party with us.

Download Our Function Packages

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Christmas Party Venue

Brisbane’s Best Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

It’s never too early to start planning your office Christmas party. OK maybe that’s not true, if you’re doing it in March then maybe you should chill for a bit. But in August? Go for it. It’s no secret that the Fox is a top-notch Brisbane function venue with a tremendous variety of rooms for you to hire so here are just a few examples of how your Brisbane Christmas party can go when you host it with us.

Corporate Christmas Party Brisbane

Corporate Christmas Party Idea 1: Exclusive dinner in the Collectors Room

If you have a small office or a few choice clients you really want to celebrate with then this is the room for you. Holding up to 16 guests for a private sit down dinner you can forget about being surrounded by plastic trees and rapping Santa’s with rapidly draining batteries, and instead be taken back to a time when trophies of adventure were the only décor you needed.

You can choose from a menu featuring the most popular dishes from the Fish Lane Bistro. Select entrees like a blue cheese soufflé or a duck liver parfait, mains such as an apple-glazed pork belly or lamb shank pie and top it off with deserts like a passionfruit brûlée or a chocolate fondant.

Corporate Xmas Party

Corporate Christmas Party Idea 3: Private cocktails in the Atrium

A funky location with striking red brick, a private bar and seclusion from the noise of the street, the Atrium is the perfect place for a Brisbane Christmas party for your whole staff.

The space holds up to 50 cocktail guests and you can choose from a variety of drinks packages to keep everyone in a holiday mood. You’ll have a choice of Australian wines, local beers (or market leading beers, depending on your package) and soft drinks and fruit juices for the DDs.

On top of that, you can really knock some socks off with cocktails on arrival like a bramble, a peach bellini or a mojito.

Office Christmas Party Brisbane

Corporate Christmas Party Idea 4: A restaurant dinner at the Long Room

Got some picky eaters on your party list? Book a table at the Long Room and make everyone happy with an adaptable menu of Brisbane’s best gastropub food. Sit down and enjoy alfresco dining with your staff and clients as they paw through our menu with culinary gems like sticky pulled pork shoulder, squid ink linguini with fresh crab, crispy skinned twice cooked duck, and apple tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream and fairy floss.

 Cocktail Party Venue

Corporate Christmas Party Idea 5: All out in the Acadia Room

 The Acadia Room is a decadent entertaining space that can fit up to 100 sit down guests for Christmas lunch or 200 for cocktails and puts other Christmas party venues to shame. This is the room where you can host the whole company and really wow them while you do it.

Order one of the drink packages and pair it with a canapés package where you can choose cold canapés like portobello and gorgonzola tartlet or freshly shucked oysters with a shallot and raspberry vinaigrette. We have hot canapés like BBQ pork buns and sweet potato falafel with tahini and sesame yoghurt and sweet canapés like mini assorted ice cream cones and mini macarons.

So we’re probably offering a lot more party than we are offering Christmas, but hey, we’re totally fine with that. Let’s save the carols and fake snow for shopping centres and neighbours’ front yards, while the Fox provides the joy and good will amongst men.

Book Your Corporate Christmas Party Now

With 8 versatile function spaces suitable for every taste and budget, we guarantee you’ll have yourself a merry little Xmas when you book your corporate Christmas party with us.

Download Our Function Packages

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4 Engagement Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

4 Engagement Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

Figuring out how to plan an engagement party can be deceptively difficult! From locking in the perfect venue to figuring out how on earth you’re going to keep your mother-in-law away from meddling it into the ground, we understand how daunting the simplest task can appear. But not to worry, the team at The Fox Hotel are here to save the day with our list of 4 great engagement party ideas to set your celebration apart. Just say ‘I do!’

Budget Wedding Venue Brisbane

The Artistic Engagement Party

Looking for simple engagement party ideas that leave a lasting impression? Give your celebration a modern twist with an Industrial and creative warehouse venue like Fish Lane Creative Studios.

What are you wearing?

In order to hit the right tone take a tip from Chanel, “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take off one accessory.” Gent’s that means ditch your ties and go for a more relaxed but chic look with your suit, ladies stick to a simple yet striking minimalist look. It’s always better to be under dressed in something fabulous than over dressed in something fabulous.

What are you eating?

The key to a truly chic event is this: keep your canapes modern yet unfussy. Think seared scallops on the half shell, edamame with dashi salt and individual Portobello and gorgonzola tartlets.

Who are listening to?

Our top tip for music at your Fish Lane Studios engagement party? Keep it low-key and ambient with a carefully curated playlist, or a talented DJ who understands that there’s a time and place for ‘Gangnam Style’ but tonight is not the night.

What does your function space look like?

When it comes to chic engagement party decorations try to pick a theme that will highlight the features of your function venue instead of overwhelming it. We recommend modern floral arrangements with green hydrangeas, or some native blooms to add a subtle contrast.

Engagement Party Ideas Brisbane

The Rooftop Cocktail Engagement Party

Looking for engagement party ideas with a little more impact? Take your celebration to the next level with a sky high engagement party on Dandys Rooftop.

What are you wearing?

An upbeat cocktail engagement party calls for an outfit that’s equal parts casual and fun. Guys, keep it relaxed but classy with a linen button down and chinos. Ladies think bright, bold print cocktail dresses and a bright lipstick to match.

 What are you eating?

Hungry for a fun take on catering? Keep your guests fuelled up for the long night ahead with fresh, soft corn tortilla taco platters, individual cheese burger sliders and hand rolled sushi.

 Who are you listening to?

Your upcoming nuptials may have you feeling like your dancing on air but if you want to share that feeling with your guests you’re going to need the playlist to match. Our top engagement party tip for a fool proof fiesta? Hire a salsa or mariachi band and give your favourite dance tracks a unique twist.

 What does your function space look like?

With spectacular sunsets and panoramic city views already readily available on the rooftop, we recommend enhancing your function room with engagement party decorations that area equally fun. Think lots of helium balloons, green walls and a custom photo booth for your guests to enjoy.

Engagement Party Themes

The Beach Theme Engagement Party

Looking for a unique way to announce that there’s ‘two less fish in the sea?’ How about a beach themed wedding in our airy Verandah Room?

What are you wearing?

With simple engagement party ideas like this, it’s best not to overdo the dress code. Keep it light and airy with bright, cool cotton basics for the guys and floaty maxi dresses for the ladies. But be careful to keep it classy, nothing takes your celebration from East Hamptons to Surfers Paradise quite like a guest who chose to wear thongs.

What are you eating?

Want to know how to plan an engagement party with the perfect menu to match? You simply can’t go wrong with an elegant sit down seafood feast. Think squid ink linguini with grilled prawns, pickled shitake and chilli.

Who are you listening to?

Give your engagement party a distinctly island feel with a solo acoustic guitarist covering everything from Jack Johnson to UB40. It’s ambient but still fun enough to have a little boogie if the mood strikes you.

What does your space look like?

Fun, fresh and exciting, skip the floral arrangements and opt instead for palm fronds and greenery to give your function room a boost. Planning on having a photo booth? You can’t go wrong with Hawaiian lays and hula skirts.

Engagement Party Themes & Ideas

The White Party Themed Engagement Party

Want to channel your inner Beyonce and Jay-Z? Borrow your engagement party ideas from Hollywood royalty by throwing a classic white party in our bright Arcadia Room.

What are you wearing?

It should go without saying that you should ask guests to stick with an all-white theme. The party venue and time mostly determine how guests should dress. An afternoon garden party can be fairly-casual, while an after 5 o’clock event may be more semi-formal.

What are you eating?

Serve foods that are white or light in colour to keep in line with your white party theme (and invariably avoid the red wine stains). Think white chocolate-covered strawberries, light cheeses, risotto, chicken, pork, turkey, white corn, cauliflower and coconut cake.

Who are you listening to?

Barry white.

What does your function space look like?

Keep the theme flowing through your engagement party decorations with white linens, flowers, place settings, napkins, plates and balloons.

Start Planning Your Engagement Party

Feeling inspired? Start planning your next event at Brisbane’s best engagement party venue. Click here to start your journey to the altar!


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LIVE SPORTS COVERAGE (10th of January – 15th of January)

LIVE SPORTS COVERAGE (10th of January – 15th of January)

Tuesday Jan 10th:

Big Bash Melb Stars v Adelaide 6:40 PM


Wednesday Jan 11th:

APIA International Day 4 10:00 AM
APIA International Night 4 5:00 PM
Big Bash Brisbane v Perth 6:40 PM


Thursday Jan 12th:

APIA International Day 5 10:00 AM
NBA Memphis v Oklahoma 11:00 AM
North Carolina v Wake Forest 11:00 AM
NBA Cavaliers v Blazers 1:30 PM
APIA International Night 5 5:30 PM
NBL Adelaide v Melbourne 6:30 PM
Big Bash Melb. Renegades v Hobart 6:40 PM
A-League Adelaide v Melb. City 6:50 PM


Friday Jan 13th:

Notre Dame v Miami 10:00 AM
NBA Bulls v Knicks 11:00 AM
APIA international Day 6 11:30 AM
NBA Pistons v Warriors 1:30 PM
NBL New Zealand Sydney Kings 4:30 PM
NBL Illawarra v Brisbane 6:30 PM
A-League Melb. Victory v Brisbane 6:50 PM


Saturday Jan 14th:

Detroit v Oakland 10:00 AM
NBA Celtics v Hawks 11:00 AM
NBA Pistons v Jazz 1:30 PM
APIA International 3:00 PM
A-League Wellington v CC Mariners 4:30 PM
Big Bash Sydney 6s v Sydney Thunder 5:10 PM
NBL Melbourne v Cairns 6:30 PM
A-League Sydney FC v WSW 6:50 PM
Big Bash Perth v Melb.Stars 8:15 PM
NBL Perth v Adelaide 8:30 PM


Sun Jan 15th:

NBA Spurs v Suns 9:00 AM
NBL Brisbane v New Zealand 2:00 PM
A-League Newcastle v Perth Glory 4:00 PM

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Australia Day at The Fox Hotel

Australia Day at The Fox Hotel

Australia Day Event

Australia Day Eve Event: Solar Pop

Date: 25th January, 2017

Featuring: Rampue (Berlin), Antix and Fiord (New Zealand), Uone (Melbourne) & More to be announced!

First Release Tickets: $10pp

Second Release Tickets: $15pp

First release tickets are now available!


SOLAR POP is a brand new party concept that will take place once a month at the Fox Hotel rooftop this summer.

SOLAR POP is a celebration combining music, arts and interactive experiences with good people.

For our first party, this Australia Day Eve, we are over the moon to present Germany’s super talent Rampue LIVE, alongside Antix and Fiord, Uone and more local acts to be announced.


“It’s a common misconception of people who don’t listen to electronic music to generalize the sound, or write it off as all the same. However, people like Daniel Krajnyak are single-handedly disproving that kind of thinking. This is because Krajnyak, known better as electronic artist Rampue, is constantly changing his style and evolving his sound, showing that the electronic spectrum is, in fact, wide and diverse.” Berlinbeat.org

Antix and Fiord

Also joining us fresh from New Zeland, Out of Sorts! Previously known as Antix and Fiord, this new project is bound to get you grooving on the rooftop.

With a musical background rich with influences from Ritchie Hawtin to Rhythm and Sound, Barton and Hayden have such a plethora of inspiration. It is indisputable that the quality of their music simply demands your attention. On their musical quest they continue to push new boundaries, mesmerizing audiences worldwide.


Melbourne based but internationally known, Uone will be bringing in the sounds from the underground to Brisbane for the occasion. DJ Uone is renowned for his unique sound and the energy it brings to dance floors worldwide. Uone sets blend all disciplines of four to the floor electronic music whilst drawing on a wide palette of influence and exotic tribal cultures, sounds of urban swing, 60s psychedelia and more.

Australia Day Eve: Solar Pop

Brought to you by your new friends down south, Vision Hound, and the good folk at The Fox Hotel… we can’t wait to share news of our summer plans with you.

More local acts to be announced. Stay tuned!

Australia Day Eve: GET TICKETS

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Affordable Wedding Ideas

Affordable Wedding Ideas

5 Budget Wedding Ideas to get you on your way to “I do”

Congratulations! If you’re reading this blog it’s likely that you’ve got an exciting occasion ahead of you – or you just really like weddings, it’s ok we don’t judge. However, if there’s one thing we know about weddings it’s that despite it being the most exciting day of your life, it can also be the most expensive. From the flowers to the wedding venue, keeping your wedding on a budget can be a real pain in the – nevermind. But don’t despair! You can start off your wedding planning right by making the most cost-effective decision. And here’s 5 ways to do just that.

affordable wedding ideas

1. Affordable Wedding Venues

We all know that mentioning the dreaded ‘W’ can make your budget go from zero to one hundred faster than you can say “I do”, so when it comes to finding the ultimate affordable wedding venue why not think outside the box? Host your ceremony in your favourite public park or botanical gardens and let nature be your florist, or make a hip and unusual statement with a non-traditional wedding venue in the heart of the city – it’s a great way to save on travel expenses and helps you skip the exorbitant price tag associated with more high end venues.

Brisbane Function Venue Hire

2. Off Peak Venue Hire

Lord knows we love a good mid-week deal and when it comes to planning weddings on a budget this is one red hot tip that you’ll be glad you took advantage of. Skip the stress of planning your big day on weekends and opt for a smaller, more intimate mid-week ceremony. Not only are you guaranteed to save a bundle on locking in your affordable wedding venue, you’re also less likely to be locked into awkward time frames if there are multiple events on the same day. Just be sure to give your guests plenty of notice so they can get the day off work.

affordable wedding photorapher

3. Affordable Wedding Photographer

If there’s one way to accidentally demolish your good intentions for a ‘wedding on a budget’ it’s this sneaky cost. But don’t despair, in this day and age there a great range of options to make sure your picture perfect wedding is beautifully documented without having to resort to skimping on other important areas of your big day. Consider contacting your local university to see if there’s a student photographer looking to expand their portfolio or lock in a strict 2-3 hour timeframe that covers your ceremony and reception venue arrival. Want to add a fun, modern twist to your big day? Hire a service like ‘Instathat’ for your candid social media snaps and create a fun keepsake for your guests to take home.

affordable wedding catering

4. Affordable Wedding Catering

It’s hard to enough to find a beautiful budget wedding venue in Brisbane without having to consider the stress of catering too! Which brings us to our number one insiders tip for budget weddings ideas. Skip the decadent three course meal (and the decadent price tag it brings) and opt for a chic, cocktail style event complete with canapes and share platters. That way your guests are free to mingle with each other, relieving you of the grizzly task of trying to figure out place settings, table numbers and where on earth you’re going to put your crazy Aunt Shirley.

affordable wedding invitations

5. Affordable Wedding Invitation Ideas

So you’ve locked in your cheap wedding venue, Brisbane’s most budget friendly caterers and some fun photography to keep your guests satisfied, the only thing left to make your wedding on a budget complete is the invitations. Fortunately, long gone are the days when wedding invitations meant poring over calligraphy and paper samples. Save your pennies on costly graphic design and printing and opt for online services like Paperless Post. It’s a cute modern way to send out your invitations and an even easier way to keep track of your RSVPs.

Need a helping hand to get your budget wedding ideas of the ground? Just click here to start your journey down the aisle.

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Summer themed parties

Summer themed parties

There comes a point in summer where every local wonders if there are things to do in Brisbane beyond running through sprinklers and staring out windows, silently willing storm clouds to appear.

And no, the answer is not ‘move to Tasmania.’ Don’t be that guy.

As one of the most diverse party venues Brisbane can showcase, The Fox Hotel makes the most of hot summer days with parties, cold drinks, and an escape from the thousand-degree temperature of that little place known as ‘outside.’


The Fox Hotel’s summer themed parties

  1. Hawaiian tiki party

Say ‘aloha’ to a long-awaited cocktail jug on Dandy’s Rooftop and start the afternoon on island time. Embarrassing hula moves aren’t compulsory, but they do make some great (cringe-worthy) Snapchats.


  1. Beach party

Chuck on your boardies for a day at South Bank beach and some wind-down beers at the Long Bar. We recommend donning your finest thongs and switching those summer ice blocks for more effective (and more enjoyable) cocktails.


  1. BBQ chargrill on Dandy’s

Want a weekend sesh hotter than a steering wheel in December? Gather the gang on Dandy’s for an afternoon of cocktails, dance moves, and charcoal grilled share platters. Hey, if you’ve been measuring your mango intake by the carton, a platter of lamb cutlets, sausages, Israeli spiced chicken and pepper crusted beef fillet will probably be a welcome reprieve.


  1. Mexican fiesta

Let’s be honest – nothing makes you forget the working year quite as completely as tequila. Don your at-home sombrero (if you don’t have one, you need to make some changes) and head to The Fox Hotel for summertime tacos and margaritas.

With tacos filled with pork cheek, beer cooked brisket, and popcorn prawns, you’ll have your summer sesh all wrapped up.


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Best ways to end the work year

Best ways to end the work year

Brisbane functions

You can stop glaring at your snooze button, drawing frowny faces on your paperwork, and seriously contemplating lashing Gary in accounts to his chair with tinsel to stop him stealing lunches from the fridge. Let’s face it, Gary’s eaten a year’s worth of sandwiches, a bit of well-utilised Christmas cheer won’t stop him.

The good news, though, is that the work year is very nearly over, leaving you two glorious weeks free of paperwork, commuting, and computer screen headaches. As one of the top corporate function venues Brisbane has to offer, those end-of-year celebrations can go in plenty of directions at The Fox Hotel.

Oh, and we’ll make sure there’s a drink in your hand if Gary attempts some social chatter.


Ways to end the work year at The Fox Hotel:

  1. Secret Santa

You’ve gotta love an office tradition that makes you realise you’ve worked with people all year and still know next to nothing about them. Cross your fingers, sit back with a mojito on Dandy’s Rooftop, and pray that Karen was actually the one you were talking with about Game of Thrones last June.

Grab some snapshots of the team with a few festive photo props and order some cocktails to celebrate that your next awkward attempt at Secret Santa is now 365 days away.


  1. A much-needed meal

It’s always nice being able to eat without worrying that other office workers can hear you chewing over their typing. Make up for a year of eating toast in the car and sandwiches at your desk with a proper team meal at Fish Lane Bistro.


  1. Night-long drinks

Trust us, it takes a pretty stiff drink to recover from clearing out a year’s worth of emails. Set up a table with the team in the Long Bar and throw back a few whiskeys. And by a few, we don’t mean enough to have you blubbering about missing out on the lead role in your high school musical. You might not have to see your boss for two weeks, but if you burst into tears over a lost career in theatre, it’s safe to say he’ll probably remember.

Ready to kick your Brisbane Christmas party into gear before the work break? Contact our staff at The Fox Hotel to book an event!

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FIFA Club world Cup Semi Final #1 8:30 PM
NBL New Zealand v Perth 4:30 PM



Australia vs. Pakistan @ Gabba                                       1:00pm

FIFA Club World Cup Semi Final #2 8:30 PM



Australia vs. Pakistan @ Gabba                                       1:00pm

NBA Knicks v Warriors 2:00 PM
NBL Adelaide v Sydney 6:30 PM
A-League Newcastle v Adelaide 6:45 PM



Australia vs. Pakistan @ Gabba                                       1:00pm

NBA Lakers v 76ers 11:00 AM
NBA Dallas v Utah 1:30 PM
A-League Wellington v WSW 4:30 PM
NBL Cairns v Illawarra 4:30 PM
NBL Brisbane v Melbourne 6:30 PM
A-league Melb City v Melb. Victory 6:45 PM
A-League Perth v Sydney FC 9:00 PM



Australia vs. Pakistan @ Gabba                                       1:00pm

UFC Prelims 11:00 AM
NFL Dolphins v Jets 11:30 AM
UFC VanZant v Waterson 1:00 PM
NBA Blazers v Warriors 1:30 PM
NBL Sydney v Adelaide 2:00 PM
A-League CC Mairner v Brisbane Roar 4:00 PM
FIFA Club world Cup Final 8:00 PM


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